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: Google LLC

Update Date

: May 1, 2023

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: v-3.4

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: Libraries & Demo
3.7 ★ Rating
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10,000,000+ Installs

"Experience virtual reality on your smartphone with Cardboard."


Application Description

Cardboard is an app developed by Google that lets you enjoy different virtual reality experiences with your Android. The only thing you need for this is cardboard virtual reality goggles, which you can create yourself. You can also buy any …

Cardboard is an app developed by Google that lets you enjoy different virtual reality experiences with your Android. The only thing you need for this is cardboard virtual reality goggles, which you can create yourself. You can also buy any of the many commercial viewers found in many tech stores. But you can make your own viewer by simply following the Google tutorial instructions if you prefer.

Several demos in the Cardboard main menu let you test the app's potency and spectacularity. One of the most interesting ones enables you to fly over the Earth as if you were a supersonic bird, thanks to the joint technology of Google Earth. For this, of course, you'll also need to have that app installed. Other demos allow you to take a guided tour of Versailles, ride a fun roller coaster, or watch a beautiful sunrise on the coast. All these demos are completely free of charge.

Demos aside, Cardboard is fully compatible with a host of Android apps specifically designed to be enjoyed with virtual reality devices. Finding compatible games is very easy. All you have to do is search for VR games on any app store, and in a few seconds, you can download over a dozen interesting titles to make the most of the virtual reality viewer. There's everything from first-person shooters to underwater visits to the bottom of the ocean.

Download Cardboard to enjoy virtual reality with your Android. You only need a visor, either handmade or purchased at a tech store. The experience isn't perfect, far from it, but depending on the game or demo you're trying out, it can be pretty startling.

Cardboard puts virtual reality on your smartphone. The Cardboard app helps you launch your favorite VR experiences, discover new apps, and set up a viewer.

To fully enjoy this app you'll need a Cardboard viewer. Learn more and get your own Cardboard viewer at Share your experience through our Google+ community at

By using this app you agree to be bound by our Google Terms of Service (Google ToS,, Googles general Privacy Policy (, and the additional terms below. This app is a Service as defined in the Google ToS and the terms regarding software in our Services apply to your use of this app.

Do not use this app while driving, walking, or otherwise by being distracted or disoriented from real world situations that prevent you from obeying traffic or safety laws.



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Latest in Cardboard apk Version v-3.4

** Get a taste of whats possible in VR with the brand new Arctic Journey demo: fly alongside Arctic terns, plant a field of flowers, relax under a sky full of stars and more.

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How to download & install Cardboard on android?

After downloading the offline apk or xapk on your Android device, it might have a name like Extract apk and obb files. Allow third party app installation by checking Unknown Sources option. Tap the apk file and click Install.

How many GB or MB is Cardboard for mobile?

The size of this apk is 30.41 MB

How to play Cardboard offline on android mobile?

This apk allows offline installation without need of Play Store or internet. If the app is truly for offline use, turn on flight mode and keep using.