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Gmail for Android "confidential mode" restricts email forwarding, downloading and much more

Aug. 12, 2018, 4:28 p.m.

Each day in our workplace, we send sensitive information over emails to our colleagues or clients or may be within our workspace. Sending such confidential info needs a safe and secure transmission medium where except the recipient, no one else gets any chance to view or download the attachments of the email.

Gmail for Android announced a new feature known as "confidential mode" to protect you information, the very next time you send an email.

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With confidential mode, you can even restrict the recipient from downloading, printing, copy/pasting to even forwarding the email content.

With "SET EXPIRATION", you can also set an expiry date of your email, after which it automatically gets deleted from the recipients' mailbox. The expiry date can be set for minimum 1 day to maximum of 5 years.

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To add an extra layer of security, you can opt for "REQUIRE PASSCODE".
REQUIRE PASSCODE gives you two choices to either generate "SMS passcode" or "No SMS passcode". If you select No SMS passcode, the recipient will get the generated passcode via email if they don't use Gmail.
Choosing SMS passcode will send the passcode through text message to the recipients contact number.

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You can see "confidential mode" icon at the bottom to the screen near "Insert Photo" icon. Once you click on confidential mode, you can set email expiration date, choose the way of sending passcode to the recipient.

Recently, Google announced many new changes and updates in Gmail for Web including smart compose, smart reply, clickable attachments, nudging and confidential mode.

The latest version of the app is free to download at our marketplace and can also be installed from Google Play Store using the given-below link.

Gmail >>

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