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Google News to train 8000 Indian Journalists to fight misinformation and fake news stories

Aug. 14, 2018, 11:40 p.m.

To raise awareness among Indian journalists to deal with fake news and wrong information, Google News launched "India Training Network" to train 8000 journalists in the next one year.
The focus of the training will be fact-checking, online verification and digital hygiene for journalists, using a curriculum built by experts from First Draft, Storyful, AltNews, BoomLive,, and DataLeads.

Initially, Google News will provide tools and certified training to 200 journalists to deal with wrong information and ensure correct information reaches to the public. These certified trainers will then train more journalists at one-day, 2-day and half-day workshops organized by the Network across India.
Training workshops will be conducted in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi and Kannada in cities across India.

"Supporting trusted, authoritative media sources is a top priority for Google, which is why we are proud to collaborate with Internews, DataLeads and BoomLive to support journalists in their fight against misinformation in India. When journalists and communities work together, armed with the online tools to verify information, they can build a bulwark of trusted media to fight the tide of misinformation," said Irene Jay Liu, Google News Lab Lead, Asia- Pacific.

News is more than just facts and information, it is information that affects us. News affects how we live our lives, how we perform our jobs, how we function as students, and how we make our decisions.

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