Tinder photos are now encrypted, Swipe actions get same size banner image

Tinder photos are now encrypted, Swipe actions get same size

Sept. 1, 2018, 1:43 a.m.

Tinder is a popular dating app that provides a social platform to meet new people online, lets you Swipe right to like and show interest in new people, start online chat with your matches or Swipe left to just pass.
A private security firm in Jan 2018, disclosed that the pictures shared on the Tinder app are not encrypted which means anyone using the same network as used by Tinder can easily view pictures and have control over the swipe actions.

Raising concern over Tinder's privacy issue where more than 26 million matches are made each day, Senator Ron Wyden wrote a letter to Tinder about the images encryption.
Match Group,Inc. who owns and operates Tinder, wrote back confirming images transmitted between Tinder app and its servers are now fully encrypted and all the swipe actions now have the same size.

additional twitter image of tinder photos encryption

Matthew Green (his twitter address) tweeted about the letter and as seen in the letter, the company wrote about the images encryption being effective since Feb 6, 2018, while left and right swipes that were not of the same size were rectified effective Jun 19, 2018.
It looks little weird to guess whether Tinder was waiting to fix the swipe action issue to give a confirmation about images encryption.

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