Twitter acquires San Francisco based company "Smyte" to prevent online abuses and harassment banner image

Twitter acquires San Francisco based company "Smyte" to prevent online abuses and harassment

Aug. 18, 2018, 1:31 a.m.

Twitter, online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as "tweets" has been under fire for failing to address hate and abuse on the site since its founding a decade ago. Its reputation as a free speech platform has come into conflict with no proper medium to address user issues.

Taking a big step towards trust building and providing safe user service, Twitter announced that it has acquired Smyte, an abuse management platform to combat online harassment, messaging spam, and account takeovers.

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Smyte is an abuse management company based in San Francisco, CA and founded by Pete Hunt, Julian Tempelsman, and Josh Yudaken, former Facebook, Instagram, and Google engineers.
Smyte protects millions of actions a day and was built by industry experts to deal with complex trust and safety use cases. Smyte codes into any website or mobile app, which gives Smyte access to their data feed. Smyte's automated labeling system identifies any potentially malicious activity, based on a variety of signals and relationships.

Smyte offers customers access to its technology via a REST API, or it can pull data directly from its customer's app or data warehouse to analyze. Smyte would then import the existing rules, and use machine learning to create new rules and other machine learning models suited to the business's specific needs and flags it for manual review.
Smyte will provide its services to Twitter by monitoring data feeds and leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in an effort to flag and label potentially inappropriate content, using a number of data points, behavioral patterns, and other signals.

Twitter report explained, "From ensuring safety and security at some of the world's largest companies to specialized domain expertise, Smyte's years of experience with these issues brings valuable insight to our team. The Smyte team has dealt with many unique issues facing online safety and believes in the same proactive approach that we're taking for Twitter: stopping abusive behavior before it impacts anyone's experience. We can't wait until they join our team to help us make changes that will further improve the health of the public conversation."

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